We enjoy working on exhibits because they truly do require us to think out of the box. From experience, we have found that interesting and unique display systems can be designed and developed at a cost that is comparable to off-the-shelf, generic, ready-made systems.

TELUS 2005 Annual Sales Conference
This light, portable, high impact trade show display system and collateral materials were developed to launch TELUS' new line of products and services.
ARK Container
The smallest and possibly most unique bookstore you will ever see. Looks great both on and off road.
This internet-based business needed the ability to showcase their product on multiple computer screens and wanted their booth to be open and inviting for potential clients.
Moosecreek Village
Working with the interior design team at Architectura, we were responsible for the brand identity and signage for this 7000 sf. themed retail shop in the Vancouver international airport.
Total Beverage Systems
What do you do with a massive trade show booth when you aren't at a trade show? Use it as your showroom display.