Being presented with a design / communication challenge and the opportunity to create interesting and effective marketing materials is very rewarding for us. Please explore our diverse assortment of projects below.

ARK Pocket
Working directly with both ARK Bokhandel and Norco Interior, we were responsible for developing a new sub-brand for this enormously successful Norwegian bookstore chain.
BC Lions 50th Anniversary Logo
This classic looking crest draws from the Lions’ rich history. We developed a sophisticated mark that both respects the Club’s strong and loyal fan base, and at the same time is relevant for new fans.
Paradise Ranch
Paradise Ranch is the largest Icewine producer in British Columbia and one of the world's few wineries that exclusively produces Icewines and Late Harvest Wines.
Develop a brand and marketing materials for what will become the world's largest destination resort. Wow, what an opportunity!
Lasik Vision
Traditional print, radio and outdoor advertising for discount laser eye surgery, a very unconventional service. Quality had to prevail.
E3 Footgear
E3 Footgear is a new approach to outdoor footwear design. We recognized that the packaging design had to be engineered to physically and aesthetically complement the product and the lifestyles of the people wearing them.
Gentle and effective formulas using simple, pure, natural ingredients - the best Mother Nature has to offer.
This truly unique line of products needed a unique identity and distinctive packaging to set it apart from the crowded market sector.